BioDesign Studio
Sparking a sense of wonder about the world's most complex tech: Biology
The Tech’s BioDesign Studio is the nation’s first, featuring interactive exhibits to explore how biology is technology.
BioDesign Studio encourages visitors to play, tinker and design with the building blocks of life. At the Creature Creation Station, visitors use custom blocks representing genetic traits to build creatures and unleash them in a digital world where they interact with other organisms. In the Living Colors Lab, they use real lab equipment to alter the DNA of bacteria to change its color, and in the BioTinkering Lab they participate in bioengineering projects like creating bricks using mycelium, or mushroom root, a sustainable building material. A contribution to this program pays for staffing, supplies and the ongoing testing and improvement for one of The Tech's most widely recognized exhibits.

What it costs
  • One year: $500,000

  • Five years: $2.5 million

  • Endowment: $10 million. Provides $500,000 in annual funding in perpetuity, ensuring Silicon Valley’s young people will always have access to hands-on learning about bioengineering.

  • Recipient of NIH award to develop educational experiences around biotech
  • 23,000 BioTinkering Lab visitors each year
  • Home to the Stanford @ The Tech genetics education program
  • Winner of national honors from the American Alliance of Museums
"[BioDesign Studio] made my daughter feel like a scientist."

 — Visitor feedback, The Tech Benchmarking Study, 2017 

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