Body Worlds Decoded
An only-in-Silicon Valley educational experience
Body Worlds Decoded allows guests to explore the human body like never before.
With full-body visualizations of bones, muscles and other body systems, Body Worlds Decoded puts a Silicon Valley twist on the incredible plastinated human bodies that have sparked curiosity and awe around the world. Augmented reality technology allows visitors to interact and examine immersive 3D models. Guests can explore the body’s systems at touchscreen stations, study an art installation inspired by the human body, and view eight full-body plastinates and more than 60 anatomical specimens. A contribution to this program will support the ongoing curation of our custom AR platform and continued updates to the exhibit.
What it costs
  • One year: $250,000

  • Five years: $1,250,000

  • Anatomy lab for Silicon Valley
  • Augmented reality experience only available at The Tech Interactive
  • Digital dissection table
“The best experience of the magic and mysteries inside the human body in the world.”

 — John Doerr

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