IMAX Dome Theater
A center for film, events and creative storytelling arrives in San Jose
As the home of the world's first fully digital IMAX dome theater, The Tech is charting a new course for immersive film and live events.
Of all the assets The Tech has for convening people to do great things, a re-engineered IMAX dome theater, with state-of-the-art capabilities to host live events, has the highest potential to draw the largest and broadest audience — in person and virtually. We have been eagerly anticipating IMAX’s release of a digital projector for dome theaters to transform the venue into much more than a movie theater. The new theater’s connectivity and flexibility will position it to accommodate activities we have yet to imagine.

What it costs
  • Capital: $2 million

  • Endowment: $5 million (includes naming rights)

  • World's first digital IMAX dome theater
  • Immersive wraparound screen and sound
  • Expansive library of digital films, including Hollywood blockbusters
  • Opportunity to host live events and connect virtually worldwide
  • Zoom conferencing ability on a giant screen
“We’re helping create a truly new and unique experience not only for us but for the world. This is like nothing you’ve ever seen.”

 — Michelle Duncan, IMAX theater operations director, The Tech

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