Parkside Hall
An opportunity to make The Tech downtown San Jose's creative hub 
The Tech will be developing as much as 60,000 sq. ft. of new space on the site of the old Parkside Hall. This will enable us to serve new audiences, drive new revenue and increase our relevance to downtown San Jose — all in service of our mission.
Picture this: technology, art, food, spaces for community use, special events and teacher training all coming together in a modern addition to The Tech. The timing could not be better. As downtown business and residential development soars, this new space gives The Tech the opportunity to become the downtown region’s most useful and beloved community resource. A contribution to this project will ensure The Tech remains relevant for decades to come.

What it costs
  • Capital: $25 million

  • Endowment: $50 million

  • A community space powered by creativity
  • New exhibits and spaces for learning
“This is finally downtown San Jose’s moment. We have an extraordinary chance to create a city within a city.”

 — Scott Knies, president of the San Jose Downtown Association

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