VP of Learning
Endowed Chair
Developing world-class exhibits and educational programs
The Vice President of Learning guides the development and execution of The Tech’s learning experiences: its exhibits, gallery interactions, teacher training programs and scaling initiatives.
No person at The Tech has a greater impact on young people than the Vice President of Learning. Hundreds of thousands of students and thousands of teachers each year are affected by the creativity, passion, intuition, capacity for execution, fundraising ability and integrity of this vice president. Through the VP's work and vision, teachers around the world benefit from our professional development activities.

What it costs
  • One year: $225,000

  • Five years: $1,125,000

  • Endowment: $4.5 million

  • Curator of The Tech's core experience 
  • Affecting students far beyond the Bay Area
  • Empowering educators
"My students aren't afraid of failure anymore, they realize that failure is part of the process."

 — Rebecca Balster, teacher, Ocala Middle School

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