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The Tech for Global Good
Empowering tomorrow's global problem solvers
Now more than ever, it’s essential to support young people with the tools to solve big problems. The Tech for Global Good empowers students to see themselves as leaders in the conversation about the future of our planet.
Through a student-organized summit, young people realize their potential to drive change. Other aspects of the program include hands-on experiences for school groups and a celebration of global visionaries whose work is changing the world. The Tech for Global Good honors the power of social innovation while making a compelling call to action to the next generation — you can create a better world. Contributions to this program support an exhibit in The Tech Interactive, educational lab experiences and the work of The Tech's student board in organizing high profile events for their peers.​
What it costs
  • One year: $1.5 million

  • Three years: $4.5 million

  • Year-round educational programs
  • Student-run learning opportunities
  • Reaches hundreds of thousands of kids
  • Develops the next generation of social innovators
  • Plans to expand to the developing world
“We don't get a lot of field trips or opportunities to collaborate with peers outside our school community — The Tech for Global Good provided just that.”

 — Shemsa Morkoch, educator, Aspire East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy 

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