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Our Building
A San Jose landmark enters its third decade of inspiring all ages
Naming The Tech is an opportunity for a donor to secure The Tech’s future and to be associated forever with Silicon Valley’s optimism and dynamism.
The Tech is one of the world’s most respected science centers and one of the Bay Area’s most beloved cultural institutions. It is synonymous with Silicon Valley and the optimism surrounding the power of technology to solve problems and improve lives. It was recently awarded the nation’s highest honor for museums and libraries. It is distinguished by a commitment to providing access to low income families and by a passion for closing the opportunity gap.
The donor who names The Tech will declare a belief in the future, a commitment to young people and a determination to making a lasting difference.

What it costs
  • Endowment: $100,000,000

  • A high-profile naming opportunity
  • Ensuring The Tech's future relevance
“Optimism is an essential ingredient for innovation. How else can the individual welcome change over security, adventure over staying in safe places.”

— Bob Noyce

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