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Young Women at The Tech
Engaging girls in STEM programs
Closing the tech gender gap is one of Silicon Valley’s greatest challenges. The Tech, which touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of young women every year, is committed to doing its part. We are building a pipeline of STEM opportunities for young women that nurtures their interest, boosts their skills and solidifies their confidence in STEM.
Our strategy is based on academic research and The Tech’s experience in providing informal science education. We help young women understand the why behind science and technology; support them as they learn their academic skills and knowledge are expandable; provide exposure to crucial role models; and help expand our male visitors’ understanding of who can be an engineer or scientist. Contributions make special events like Girls Day at The Tech possible and also support our efforts to create and test experiences that engage diverse audiences. 
What it costs
  • One year: $500,000

  • Five years: $2.5 million

  • Endowment: $10 million. Provides $500,000 in annual funding in perpetuity, ensuring young women in Silicon Valley will always have access to quality STEM learning.

  • Multiple Girls Days at The Tech
  • Annual luncheon for young women provides exposure to role models
  • Teacher training promotes gender equity in the classroom
  • Exhibits and programs designed for inclusion
“It’s essential to help girls see that academic skills are expandable and improvable — that just because something is hard now doesn’t mean it will always be so.”

— Gretchen Walker, vice president for learning, The Tech

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